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Located in Tokyo, Fuji Academy, the parent company of Fuji Academy Tours, was founded in January 1996 in order to support people interested in becoming English-speaking tour guides. Since then hundreds of people have passed the National Tour Guide exam and many of them now enjoy working as tour guides here at Fuji Academy Tours or for other tour companies. Our tour guides help foreign tourists to better understand Japan and its people while providing a memorable tour experience.

In July 2007, Fuji Academy Tours was created to provide Fuji Academy alumni with greater opportunities to work as tour guides. Many alumni are actively engaged as professional tour guides, showing foreign tourists around popular cultural and historic sites in Tokyo and other places such as the Mt. Fuji area, Nikko, Kamakura, Kyoto and Nara.

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Tokyo Walking Tour
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Hakone Walking Tour
MT. Fuji & Hakone Car Tour
Nikko Walking Tour
Nikko Car Tour
Kamakura Walking Tour
Kamakura Car Tour
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Kyoto Car Tour
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Nara Car Tour
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Kyoto & Nara Car Tour
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