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Here are some of our wonderful tour guides!

Hello! I am Norie Ikuta.
As an English speaking tour guide and also as a Tokyo resident I want to make all tourists' stays in Tokyo more enjoyable and memorable!
Tokyo is such an exciting city where you can experience both traditional Japan and pop culture at the same time.

We also have many places of natural beauty.
I hope you will travel with me and come to know me as your friend in Japan!
I am Yasunori Chinen.
I used to make a living as an English speaking tour guide, taking foreign guests around Mt.Fuji, Tokyo and other places. Currently I teach English, Japanese culture, history and the like to Japanese students who wish to become tour guides.
I still have the opportunity to take foreign tourists around. My main interests as a tour guide are Japanese culture, history and religion. During my tours I hope that my foreign guests will get to know the authentic Japan. My aim is to unveil the inscrutability and enigmas surrounding the Japanese and their country.

A dog faithful to his master
The dog named Hachi lived near JR Shibuya Station around 90 years ago.
Despite his master's sudden death, Hachi continued to go to the station to meet his master day and night. Hachi became gradually known to people as a loyal dog. To commemorate his loyalty to his master, a bronze statue of Hachi was cast and placed near the station. The statue is now a popular place to wait for people.
Hello everyone!
My name is Hiroyuki Fujishima.
I live in Iga, the birthplace of both Ninja and Basho, haiku poet. Visitors always have unforgettable moments at the Ninja museum which has many traps, devices and tricks.
With my knowledge of Japanese culture, history, Buddhist principles and Shinto thinking, visitors can comprehend the mentality of the people in this country. Providing the opportunity for communication between my visitors and the locals is also my aim.
Besides my tour guide activities, I help an NPO group which assists in connecting foreign residents and locally born people. Sometimes I work on the rice paddies, helping my dad.
I am looking forward to seeing you soon!
Hello! My name is Osamu Komine.
It is my great pleasure to introduce interesting Japanese history and scenic places to tourists. I always focus on not only providing cultural background and historic incidents of the old days with my guests but also explaining to them how those cultural activities which had flourished in the old days or historic incidents which occurred several hundred years ago are connected to the current life style and the culture of the Japanese nation.
Being a "Tour Guide" gives me a lot of joy when imagining our ancestors' lives, difficulties; the loves and happiness of many years ago.
I am looking forward to seeing you in Japan and I hope we will enjoy the tours of "Visit Japan" together with beautiful Japanese nature.
My name is Keiichi Tamura.
I retired from my company at the age of 63, at which time I studied to get a license to be an English-speaking tour guide. While I was an office worker, my company sent me twice to overseas branches in New York and Bangkok. The two cities were very different, but because of the kindness of the people, I really enjoyed staying in both cities with my family. Now, as a tour guide, I feel it is my turn to express my gratitude by helping visitors from abroad. In the world of the tea ceremony, there is an old saying, "Ichigo-ichie" (Treasure every encounter as it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity). This is my motto as a tour guide.

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