MT. Fuji & Hakone Car Tour




  • The MT.FUJI & HAKONE CAR TOUR is an exclusive tour operated solely for you and your party.
  • A licensed English speaking tour guide will take you to Mt. Fuji & Hakone National Park in a private car.
  • Pick-up and drop-off services are available.

Mt. Fuji is the highest mountain (3,776m. or 12,388ft.) in Japan. It is truly beautiful during the winter when the mountain is covered with snow. The view of Mt. Fuji changes depending on your vantage point and time of day while it is cast in different light. This provides many different perspectives of Japan's most famous mountain. Indeed, Mt. Fuji is considered so beautiful, almost holy, that it has been regarded as Japan's most sacred mountain since ancient times. Mt. Fuji's beauty and majesty have been immortalized by poets and artists for centuries.
Hakone is famous for its mountains and volcanic landscape. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities including lake cruises, an aerial cableway ride, and hot springs. It is a popular day trip from Tokyo and a good place for a close-up view of Mt. Fuji.

9 Hour Tour Recommended Itinerary

Time:9:00 - 18:00

Duration:9 hours (Approx.)

  1. Depart your hotel for Mt. Fuji at 9:00 am.
  2. Travel on the Tokyo Metropolitan expressway, changing to the Chuo Expressway. You will be able to see typical Tokyo architecture (e.g. houses, buildings). You will learn a lot about Japanese culture, history manners and customs from your tour guide along the way.
  3. Arrive at Mt Fuji's fifth station, altitude 2,305 m. (or 7,607 feet) See Note #1 below.
    Drive up to the fifth station which is the highest point for cars. Enjoy panoramic views and the different kinds of plants and trees on Mt. Fuji.
  4. Aerial Cableway to Owakudani in Hakone See Note #2 below. From the cableway, Lake Ashi, the Hakone mountain ranges, and a perfect conical shaped Mt. Fuji can be seen on a clear day. Owakudani, literally "big boiling valley", has sulfurous fumes coming from the sides of the mountain, reminding us that Japan is a chain of volcanic islands.
  5. Boat Cruise on Lake Ashi in Hakone See Note #3 below. Lake Ashi is a crater lake where you will take a boat cruise. You will enjoy fabulous lake scenery including the unique Hakone Shrine Torii gate standing in the water.


#1 Mt Fuji's fifth station may be closed during the winter season due to heavy snowfall. In this case, we will drive up as high as possible.
#2 & #3 Aerial Cableway & Boat Cruise may not be operating due to strong winds, or may have to be omitted due to traffic conditions or other operational reasons beyond our control. Should this occur, we will make alternative plans instead.


Number of guests Tour charge
(per person)
Tour charge
(Total Charge)
Type of transport
1 person 120,000 120,000 Sedan
2 persons 62,500 125,000
3 persons 45,000 135,000 Mini-van
4 persons 35,000 140,000
5 persons 29,000 145,000
6 persons 26,600 160,000 Large mini-van
7 persons 23,500 165,000
8 persons 21,200 170,000
  • Tour price may change depending on number of guests.
  • Included:English speaking tour guide;Cruise on Lake Ashi;Aerial Cableway in Hakone;Admission Fees;Tolls and Parking;Sales Tax
  • Not included: Lunch (Although lunch is not included in the package, your tour guide will be happy to help you find a suitable restaurant).
  • Your tour guide will meet you at your hotel and take you back once the tour concludes.

If you are interested in the tour please book it through the booking form on our Website.

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