Tokyo Car Tour



  • THE TOKYO PRIVATE TOUR is an exclusive tour operated solely for you and your party.
  • A licensed English speaking tour guide will take you to must-see places in Tokyo. You'll be driven in a private car to the most popular sites in Tokyo.
  • Pick-up and drop-off services are available.

7 Hour Tour Recommended Itinerary


Duration:7 hours (Approx.)

  • Meiji Shrine
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Imperial Palace East Garden or *Two-Tiered Bridge
  • Senso-ji Temple in Asakusa

*When the East Garden is closed, we will visit the Two-Tiered Bridge.

Note: The tour will begin at your hotel. The sequence of the tour depends on the location of your hotel.

Tokyo is the capital of Japan with a population of about 13million; one of the most lively cities in the world. It is a mixture of the modern and the traditional. In this private car tour, our tour guide will take you to “must see” places in Tokyo so that you will be able to have an overview of Tokyo.

Meiji Shrine, Tokyo's most famous Shinto shrine, built in 1920, is dedicated to the Emperor Meiji and Dowager Shoken. You will have the opportunity to see the major symbols of the Shinto religion in this shrine such as Sake barrels, Simenawa or sacred straw ropes, a Torii archway, a Water Basin for purification, Shinto priests and shrine maidens and various kinds of good luck charms.

Tokyo Tower, one of the most famous landmarks in Tokyo, was constructed in 1958, and stands at 1,093 feet (or 333 m.) high, a little taller than the Eiffel Tower. From the observation deck (472 feet or 150 m.), you will have spectacular views of Tokyo and the surrounding area.

The Imperial Palace East Garden was opened to the public in 1968, and it is a typical Japanese strolling garden with ponds, carp, rocks, pine trees, bridges, flowers, and the like. As for flowers, plum blossom blooms in February, cherry blossom is in full bloom around April, and irises are beautiful in June.

The history of the Senso-ji Buddhist Temple in Asakusa, the most popular temple in Tokyo, dates back to 628. The Districts around the temple called Asakusa retain the traditional atmosphere of the Edo (present Tokyo) period (1603-1867). Kaminnari-mon Gate or Thunder Gate stands in front of the temple gate, and is one of the most famous landmarks in Tokyo. You will have a chance to see Buddhist symbols in the temple such as various kinds of Buddhist images, a five storied pagoda, incense burners, and more. The temple's Nakamise Shopping Arcade is the ideal place to buy traditional Japanese souvenirs, including Japanese bean paste sweets, folding fans, inexpensive kimonos, traditional toys, Japanese paper umbrellas, figures of beckoning cats, etc.


Number of guests 7 hour Tour charge
(per person)
7 hour Tour charge
(Total Charge)
Type of private transport
1 person 75,000 75,000 Sedan
2 persons 40,000 80,000
3 persons 30,000 90,000 Mini-van
4 persons 23,700 95,000
5 persons 20,000 100,000
6 persons 19,100 115,000 Large mini-van
7 persons 17,100 120,000
8 persons 15,600 125,000
  • Tour price may change depending on number of guests.
  • Included: English speaking tour guide; Admission fees; Tolls and Parking ; Sales Tax
  • Not included: Lunch (Although lunch is not included in the package, your tour guide will be happy to help you find a suitable restaurant).
  • Your tour guide will meet you at your hotel and take you back once the tour concludes.

If you are interested in the tour please book it through the booking form on our Website.

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